About Us 关于我们

Chinese American Association for Rocky Mountain Region(CAA), is one of the oldest and largest Chinese American community organizations in Colorado. We are non-profit and non-partisan with the mission to provide cultural, educational, recreational and other programs to promote the cultural heritage and enrich the life of Chinese Americans community in Colorado.

Our association belongs to everyone in our community. Your continued support is essential to us. You can help by getting involved in CAA’s  events, becoming general members, board members and committees, or by making a tax-deductible donation. Chinese American Association is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.


Regulations of Chinese American Association

I. Asscociation Name

The name of the organization is Chinese American Association.
The abbreviation of the name is CAA.

II. Mission Statement

This association is a non-profit organization, which is based upon democratic consultation among the members as its organizational structure.

The objectives of the association are:

  • To enhance communication and exchange of professional experiences among members in various fields throughout the Rocky Mountain region;
  • To improve mutual understanding between the Chinese-American community and the American mainstream society;
  • To promote cultural, educational, economical and scientific communication and exchange between the United States and China;
  • And to work together with other Chinese associations in the Rocky Mountain region to protect rights of minorities.

III. Membership

Anyone who agrees with and accepts the above-mentioned Mission Statement and the regulations of this association is welcome to join.

IV. Organization and Election

The Board of Directors is formed wit eleven regular members and two substitute members. The member of the first Board of Directors is the founders. The second and subsequent Board of Directors shall be elected by the members. The term for directors shall be two years. Five seats shall be up for election in odd number years and six seats shall be up for election in even number years.

The President and the Vice President of the Board shall be elected by the fill Board of Directors, both with a term of one year each, and may only serve a maximum if two terms contiguously. They nay serve again, if elected, after one years out if office.

The President if the Board has the responsibilities to organize the Board meetings and to oversee the implementation if the Board decisions. Important decisions should be approved by the majority if the board. The President of the Board shall represent the association to deal with daily affairs after consulting a majority if the Board members.

The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her duties. When the President is absent the Vice President shall become the acting President to exercise the President’s duties.

The President may appoint, upon approval by the Board, an Executive Secretary and a Treasurer, and other committee chairs.

Board member may resign; His/her resignation should be submitted to the Board in writing. Vacant Board member’s seat shall be filled by a substitute member or appointed by the Board until next election.

A board member who misses more than half of the Board meetings in a year may be considered as resigned from the seat and a substitute member will sill the vacant position.

V. Member Right and Responsibilities

  1. Members have the right to elect, and to be elected.
  2. In special occasions, members may ask the officers to resign. If one-fifth of the members make such a request, the Board should hold a special meeting to decide the matter. The officers, including Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, or other Directors of the Board, may be removed only when more than two-third if the Board members present at the special meeting vote for the removal.
  3. Members should submit membership fee. Membership due is listed below:
    Regular individual member: $10/year
    Regular family member: $15/year
    Life individual member: $100/year
    Life family member: $510/year
  4. Honored member may be invited upon discussion and approval of the Board of Directors.
  5. The board of Directors may invite advisors for the Association, and former President may automatically become advisors.

VI. Treasure

  1. Financial Resources
    Membership fee
    Activity fee
    Advertisement income
  2. The Treasurer report to the Board of Directors quarterly, and to the Association annually. The books are open to the member for review.

VII. Metting and Activities

  • To organize annual meeting to report status and progress of the Association and to elect and re-elect Board members;
  • To organize holiday or special event gatherings and activities;
  • To set up professional committees and to organize professional meeting and activities;
  • To coordinate activities for professionals in both the United States and Chain to undertake cultural, academic, economic, and scientific exchange, including academic lecture, business investment, exchange of research experiences, and joint adventures, etc.
  • To encourage members to utilize their advanced knowledge in business development, high-tech background, and their broad social connections to make contributions in the development of China.
  • to promote participation of members in activities aiming at their contribution to the mainstream society, protection of Chinese American interests, and improvement of relations with other ethnic groups.

VIII. Regulation Revicion

These rregulations can be revised with more the half of the membership's approval.